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What’s Good about being Gay?

The issues on the LGBT community and the way they stand up for themselves are quite groundbreaking. It is no fun and that it is important that we respect their feelings and preferences. All of us have the right to make our own choices, and another person cannot get into it and judge you for your decisions and choices. People have become so annoying and judgmental that is why we are making a list of super cool things that make gay people way better than the straight people.

What’s Good about being Gay

You can adopt kids:

The offenders are probably concerned about the baby thing. There are a lot of babies out there who do have anybody to take care of the needs. The best thing about being an LGBT person is that you can adopt as many kids as possible. They are saving and making other lives better.

Divorce rates are low:

It’s quite a known fact that divorce rates have gone terribly up in case of marriages. But in case of same-gender marriages, the divorce rates are very much low, and they manage to stay together for years. This is one of the perks of being a part of the LGBT crew.

Best friends forever:

There is nothing greater than leading your life with your best friend. Getting married to your best friend is not possible unless you are a part of the LGBT crew. This the best thing and your best friend with you throughout your life. This is the biggest perk of a same-sex relationship. Do you want a better reason to know why being gay is better than being straight?

No gender stereotyping:

There are no gender stereotyping problems when you are a gay. You will be sisters of the same struggles and the brothers of the same battle. There will be no gender domination problems. You can relate yourself to each other and thereby there will be better empathy in the relationship. This is probably why the divorce rates are low in LGBT marriages.

You will always find the right person:

In the event of being involved in a gay relationship, most people are closeted. You can easily hide your identity unless otherwise, you wish to be expressive about it. You can move in close with people. Of course, there is no pressure or compulsion. You can also be a drifter in your relationship until you find the right person with whom you can live all your life. This is not possible if you are straight also the chances of being judged are also high here.

Irrespective of whether you are gay or straight there is one thing that you have to remember. Never try to intervene in other person’s way of life. Everybody has the right to lead their life the way they want, and others need not have to be judgmental about it.

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