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What’s Good about being Gay?

The issues on the LGBT community and the way they stand up for themselves are quite groundbreaking. It is no fun and that it is important that we respect their feelings and preferences. All of us have the right to make our own choices, and another person cannot get into it and judge you for your decisions and choices. People have become so annoying and judgmental that is why we are making a list of super cool things that make gay people way better than the straight people. What’s Good about being Gay

You can adopt kids:

The offenders are probably concerned about the baby thing. There are a lot of babies out there who do have anybody to take care of the needs. The best thing about being an LGBT person is that you can adopt as many kids as possible. They are saving and making other lives better.

Divorce rates are low:

It’s quite a known fact that divorce rates have gone terribly up in case of marriages. But in case of same-gender marriages, the divorce rates are very much low, and they manage to stay together for years. This is one of the perks of being a part of the LGBT crew.

Best friends forever:

There is nothing greater than leading your life with your best friend. Getting married to your best friend is not possible unless you are a part of the LGBT crew. This the best thing and your best friend with you throughout your life. This is the biggest perk of a same-sex relationship. Do you want a better reason to know why being gay is better than being straight?

No gender stereotyping:

There are no gender stereotyping problems when you are a gay. You will be sisters of the same struggles and the brothers of the same battle. There will be no gender domination problems. You can relate yourself to each other and thereby there will be better empathy in the relationship. This is probably why the divorce rates are low in LGBT marriages.

You will always find the right person:

In the event of being involved in a gay relationship, most people are closeted. You can easily hide your identity unless otherwise, you wish to be expressive about it. You can move in close with people. Of course, there is no pressure or compulsion. You can also be a drifter in your relationship until you find the right person with whom you can live all your life. This is not possible if you are straight also the chances of being judged are also high here. Irrespective of whether you are gay or straight there is one thing that you have to remember. Never try to intervene in other person’s way of life. Everybody has the right to lead their life the way they want, and others need not have to be judgmental about it.

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Things you have to know about Gay Pride

Gay pride movements have become one of the revolutionary things of the recent days. What are you gaping at?  You must probably be aware of the LGBT movements that have been taking place across the globe.  Even many countries that called itself conservative have begun to their raise voice in favour of the LGBT community. This LGBT movement is also known as Gay Pride.  The pride also raised voice against discrimination that was shown towards people who belonged to the LGBT community. So here are some of the things that you have to know about the Gay Pride. Things you have to know about Gay Pride

Some of the Gay Pride facts:

  • The LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and transgender. In other words, the people of the community preferred same-sex marriage. This has been existing right from the beginning of time but had been strongly opposed by people who didn’t prefer it. Until recently these people weren’t respected and accepted at all.
  • There are a lot of things that we probably didn’t know about the LGBT community, and one among them is the Gay Pride. The type of sexual relationship that a person would like to follow and endorse lies in the personal interest of a person. As long as these communities do not offend or directly take advantage, they shouldn’t be deprived of the rights that they ought to enjoy.
  • Taking a small step forward and realising the need to make their demands stronger the people who belong to the LGBT community started voicing their opinions. This way they were able to reach out to people and gain support. This is what they called the Gay Pride. They carried out rallies, parade and conducted events that will help people understand.
  • Apart from these marches and rallies, people of the community also organised events, fun activities and festivals that spoke of their pride and community.
  • To make the LGBT movement an official and a politically accepted one, they also launched their flag and called it the Rainbow Flag. Apart from the 4 different factors that we saw earlier, there are also a lot of other divisions in the LGBT community. The flag had 6 different colours as horizontal stripes and often went through changes in the post. However, they haven’t been changed for a while. The flag consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet representing the variation in the same community.

Gay Pride in the recent times:

Things are definitely changing these days. Most closeted people are coming out open with their sexual orientation, and they aren’t ashamed of it anymore not they feel the indifference. Youngsters and are making a difference but accepting the LGBT community. Things have largely changed. People are opening debating and commenting on it, which we think is a good sign of change and acceptance. There is also the LGBT Pride month that goes on the month of June. People have the right to live the way they want, and others do have a day in it.

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Tickets on Sale for Brisbane Pride Fair Day

Brisbane Pride Fair Day returns to New Farm Park on 20 September 2014 and is shaping up to be even better than last year. The day will kick off with the traditional Rally and March down Brunswick Street to the rainbow flowering arches of New Farm Park, where gates will open from 10:30 am. Once again there’ll be a main and community stage featuring incredible local and national talent, Mr and Ms Pride competitions, Brisbane’s best DJs and our traditional Pet Parade. Brisbane Pride Festival is excited to announce that Ryan Amador will also be appearing at Pride Fair Day to perform his song “Define Me” the inspiration behind this year’s Pride Festival theme “Define Me: More Than A Label”. Our Queer Beer tent returns, there’ll be incredible food stalls and an array of market and community stalls to delight, entertain and inform you. When: Saturday, 20 September 2014 Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm Where: New Farm Park, Corner of Brunswick Street and Sydney Streets, New Farm Members will receive free and express entry – watch for an email telling you how to download your ticket. Prices for this year’s Fair Day: $ 25 + p & h – Adult Fair Day Ticket + Pride Membership Enjoy discounts to Brisbane Pride Events, free and express entry to Fair Day and exclusive member’s offers $20 – Adult Fair Day Ticket (Non Member) $15 – Concession (Pensioner Card, Senior’s Card, DVA Repatriation Health Card (Gold), Student Photo ID) $5 – Child (6-12 years) Free – Child 5 Years and under

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Polarised: Queering the Shot

Remember that photo of Marilyn Monroe posing over the subway grate? Or Jack Nicholson’s crazed face peering through the splintered door in The Shining? What about Tank Man standing motionless before the tanks in Tiananmen Square? All iconic images – all instantly recognisable. LET’S MESS WITH THEM!!! Is that a Drag Queen in a white dress I see? Brisbane Pride Festival, in conjunction with Brisbane Modern Art Gallery, is excited to launch a photographic competition for both amateur and professional photographers. Polarised: Queering the Shot is all about taking those iconic images and ‘queering’ them using either local LGBTI identities/organisations/ groups/ settings or all or any combination of these. Entries are open to both amateur and professional photographers and the parodied images may be either fictional or non-fiction (think movie scene v historical snap). Winners will compete for a variety of prizes in four categories, Amateur Fiction, Amateur Non-fiction, Professional Fiction and Professional Non-fiction as well as People’s Choice and Quintessential Queered Shot Awards. Brisbane Modern Art Gallery will host a week long exhibit and opening night soiree at their gallery at 483 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley starting 3 February 2015. So get your thinking caps on, your lens caps off and start queering the shot today.

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